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Hardtack is a set of American Civil War miniatures rules for handling regiment versus regiment battles. Hardtack is a set of "plug-in" rules using the Stargrunt II rule set. Stargrunt II is the squad level science fiction miniatures combat game published by Ground Zero Games.

Hardtack takes Stargrunt II back to the middle of the 19th Century. The basic rules cover things like cavalry, rifled and smoothbore small arms, two types of artillery, and regimental formations. The advanced rules include two more types of artillery, morale modifications, ammunition, and much more.

Hardtack uses a scale of one figure representing between 3 and 5 men. This allows Hardtack to model American Civil War battles at the scale of one regiment per side, filling a gap between the Brother Against Brother and the Johnny Reb III rule sets.

With some modification, Hardtack can be used for conflicts throughout the 19th Century, from the Napoleonic War, to the Crimean War, the Franco-Prussian War, and the British Colonial Wars. The cavalry rules can be used with Stargrunt II in any era.

Currently, Hardtack requires a copy of Stargrunt II (which is currently available as a free download from the GZG web site).

Current Version

Version 1.5 – August 31, 2002

The current version of Hardtack is 1.5.

The changes from version 1.4 to 1.5 are:

  • Units in regimental formations may go In Position.
  • The Threat Level for a Confidence Test after being hit by a First Volley was increased.
  • Due to new research, the ammunition rules were changed (mostly in the amount of ammunition supplied).
  • The confusing basing instructions for 6mm and smaller figures was changed.
  • Various minor editing mistakes were corrected.
  • As I intend to release Hardtack as a stand alone game, the Stargrunt II supplement is renamed Hardtack Plug-In.


Download the Hardtack rules by clicking on a link, below.

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