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Phalons in Stargrunt II

Current Version – 1.2 (July 14, 2004)

Download a full copy of the current Phalon rules by clicking on a link, below:

PDF, 8½" x 11" | PDF, A4

Early in 2003, someone asked the Fullthrust-Stargrunt Yahoo Group a question about aliens. Someone else mentioned that there were no official alien rules, that those would be included in the long-awaited Bugs Don't Surf. After reading this, I e-mailed Jon Tuffley, suggesting that Stargrunt II players on the GZG Playtest Mailing List could create alien rules for SG2 and put them up on a web site. The rules would be "semi-official" and would do until they were included in, or superceded by, the eventual release of BDS. To my surprise, Jon agreed!

A number of people began discussing rules for two of the three alien races in the Tuffleyverse (the GZG "official" universe). A couple of sets of Kra'vak rules had been floating around for a while. A couple of people on the playtest list began discussing the Sa'Vasku. No one mentioned rules about the Phalons. Beth Fulton made a comment about the Phalons being "beyond the pale for some" (if you haven't seen their spaceship models and correlated that with their name, you wouldn't understand). I took her remark as a challenge!

I worked on the Phalon rules beginning in January, 2003. The rules and background information were presented to the playtest list. I got amazing feedback and altered the rules. The Phalons were playtested for about 10 months. In the winter of 2004, the playtest list received permission by Jon Tuffley to release some of their playtest rules for Full Thrust to the public as a "public beta test". I sent Jon my Phalon rules and asked if it was time to present these, too. Jon hadn't read the rules since he gave me the go-ahead to create them. Jon liked what he saw and let me post them on the web. They are available here, and on the Ground Zero Games web store.

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