May 14, 2013:
I added the latest session of our Delta Green: Days of Infamy campaign to the Call of Cthulhu write-ups section.

March 10, 2013:
After way too long without adding content, I added the new Delta Green: Days of Infamy campaign to the Call of Cthulhu section.

Oct 13, 2009:
Added new Delta Green write-ups.


December 8, 2012:
Updated the "About Allan Goodall" information to include Black Devils Brigade.

Oct 13, 2009:
Redesigned the web site.


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Welcome to HyperBear

HyperBear.com is the personal web site of Allan Goodall. The site covers Allan's principle interests: games, photography, games, history, travel, and games.

HyperBear consists of a number of sections, as shown by the links at the top of the page. Click on the Blog link to read Allan's blog, Designated Import. To see Allan's games related pages, click on the Games link. Click on the Photographs link to see Allan's photographs. His writing is found through the Writing link.

About Allan Goodall

Allan Goodall was born in Glasgow, Scotland, but moved to Oshawa, Ontario, Canada at the age of four. He lived in Ontario for 35 years — 12 years in Toronto — but now he lives in Louisiana, USA with his wife, Alana, and his stepson Logan. By day he works for a software company as a client support manager and software trainer; by night, he writes roleplaying games for Arc Dream Publishing.

Allan's first love is games. He began playing miniature wargames at the age of 11 and received his first board-based wargame — Avalon Hill's Panzer Leader — for his 13th birthday in December of 1975. He was introduced to roleplaying through the red box edition of Dungeons and Dragons in 1977. In 1983 he began playing the horror roleplaying game Call of Cthulhu. Allan began playing Delta Green — a modern era game set in the same universe as Call of Cthulhu when it first came out in 1997. Delta Green continues to be his "go to" game.

Allan and his family enjoy playing a wide range of games, particularly the designer games like Settlers of Catan and Bohnanza, and several roleplaying games. His current favorite games are Memoir '44, Up Front, Pandemic, Castle Panic, Carcassonne, Godlike, Delta Green, and Wild Talents.

In 2008, Allan completed This Favored Land, a supplement to the Wild Talents roleplaying game set during the American Civil War. The book was published by Arc Dream Publishing in March, 2009. It utlilizes the One Roll Engine game system. 2010 saw the release of Black Devils Brigade, a full-length campaign for the Godlike World War II superhero game (think The Avengers meets Saving Private Ryan).

He is currently working on other projects for Arc Dream, including Operation Torch for Godlike and the One Roll Engine samurai game The Silver Pavilion, set during Japan's Onin War.

Allan has one professional fiction writing credit. His story "At My Chamber Door" was published in the Winter 1991 edition of On Spec, the Canadian SF magazine. He also had reviews published in the now defunct MARS game magazine.

Photography has long been a part of his life. The Photography section of this site showcases some of his best pictures, and allows him to combine his interest in military history with his favourite art form.