Allan W Goodall. Writer, Game Designer, Software Developer.
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Allan W Goodall

Allan Goodall is a Scottish-born Canadian-American writer, game designer, and software developer. a Scottish-born Canadian-American, has more than a passing familiarity with alternative history. Allan is the author of This Favored Land, a Wild Talents sourcebook for the American Civil War, and the campaign books Black Devils Brigade and Courtyard of Hell for Godlike. Allan is a contributor to the Ennie Award-winning Call of Cthulhu adventure supplement, Fear's Sharp Little Needles from Stygian Fox Publishing.

Recent News Redesign

Rollout of the new web site. The web site now focuses on my primary interests of writing, roleplaying games, and miniature games.

Black Devils Brigade Actual Play?

Our RPG group is playing through Black Devils Brigade. Is there any interest in an actual play for the campaign? If you're interested, contact me and let me know. (Contact links at the top of the page.)