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Scottish History and Landmarks Links

General Register Office for Scotland - The official government web site for Scottish documents, such as birth, death, and marriage certificates. They have an online database that you can (for a fee) search for ancestral information. A good place to start for anyone doing genealogy.

The Highland Clearances - The Wikipedia entry about the infamous Highland Clearances, an early instance of "ethnic cleansing".

Historic Scotland - Historic Scotland run's Scotland's ancient buildings and ruins. Scotland's castles that are no longer in private ownership fall under the domain of Historic Scotland.

The National Trust for Scotland - The National Trust for Scotland buys up historically significant land and preserves it. They run the battlefields of Bannockburn and Culloden.

Scotland – The Official Online Gateway - An excellent starting point for Scottish sites on the web.

Photography Links

Eastman-Kodak - Film photography may be a dying art, but Kodak still produces the best photographic film.

Nikon - I'm a very satisfied Nikon customer! When the back door of my camera broke a few years ago, Nikon sent a replacement part out quickly, and for a reasonable price.