Oct 13, 2009:
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To see a map of the castles and ruins, and to see the photographs, click here. The photographs of Scottish castles and ruins were taken by Allan Goodall during a trip to Scotland in 1992.

I visited a number of castles and ruins during a vacation trip to Scotland in September and October 1992. Most of these locations were not planned ahead of time, they were just places that we came across during the trip. Hopefully the viewer will find the sites as interesting as I did.

There are other sites that I haven't put onto this site as yet: Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle, and three palace ruins in Kirkwall, Orkney. Most of my photographs were taken on slide film. A couple of months after the trip I had some of the pictures scanned onto a Kodak Photo-CD. Once I get the remainder digitally scanned, I will post them.

The essays first appeared in a slightly altered form in TAPA, the Toronto Amateur Press Association. I left TAPA in 1994. I believe it is now defunct.

All photographs on this page are copyright © 2009 by Allan Goodall.