Caerlaverock Castle

For a history and description of this castle, read the Caerlaverock Castle essay.

Caerlaverock Castle

Image 1: Caerlaverock Castle. The front of the castle. Note the berm that surrounds the castle. A moat is located on the other side of the berm.

Apartment Interior

Image 2: Apartment Interior. This shot, taken with Kodak Tri-Pan black and white film, shows the interior of the apartments. The apartments were added late in the castle's history. The roof, the floors, and some of the interior walls are all gone.

 Rear of the Castle

Image 3: Rear of the Castle. This picture was taken near picture 2, but looking to the left. It shows the remains of the right hand wall. It's obvious from this picture that the rear wall of the castle is gone. Beyond are the woods and the moat.

Gate House

Image 4: Gate House. The front of the castle, showing the gate house. Sometimes the gate house of a castle was located between two towers, but at Caerlaverock the two towers are actually one and the gate house is in the middle.

Back of the Main Tower

Image 5: Back of the Main Tower. This picture shows the opposite side of the main tower from picture #4. The apartments that were added on are clearly visible on the right. The entrance at the centre, bottom, leads out to the bridge spanning the moat.

Interior Wall

Image 6: Interior Wall. An interior wall, running from the left side of the castle to the right, is just noticeable in picture #3, splitting the main courtyard from the rear of the castle. This is a closer shot of that wall. Beyond the wall is the surrounding woods (the moat is not visible).

These photographs were taken with a Nikon FG-20 manual SLR, using a Nikkor 24mm - 50mm f2.8 wide angle zoom lens. The images were captured on Kodak Ektachrome slide film.