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This section contains support items for our roleplaying games. This is the permanent home of Bujutsu, my samurai rules for BattleLust, a miniatures game related to HârnMaster.

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Description: A set of rules for playing Japanese samurai skirmishes using the BattleLust miniatures rules. Must have BattleLust to play.

Bujutsu includes rules, army lists, and scenarios.

These have been available online since I first released them in December, 1996. This is the new, official home for Bujutsu.

Version: 1.1 (December, 1996)  File Size: Word – 156 Kb

Word Doc


Player's Guide to Hârn

Description: The Player's Guide to Hârn is a 12 page introduction to the Hârn universe for players new to the HârnWorld roleplaying background. It is intended to give the players information commonly known to the inhabitants of Hârn. It is not intended to replace HârnPlayer, and it does not include any HârnMaster rules.

Note that the Player's Guide assumes that the campaign opens in the year 720 TR. This is only relevant with regard to the Timeline included in the last half of the document.

Version: 1.0 (February, 2005)  File Size: Acrobat – 169 Kb

Adobe PDF