Roleplaying Games Related Web Sites

All Flesh Must Be Eaten/Unisystem

All Flesh Must Be Eaten - Eden Studios' support web site for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten roleplaying game.

Eden Studios - Publisher of All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and the other Unisystem games.

CJ Carella's Witchcraft - Eden Studios' support web site for the CJ Carella's Witchcraft roleplaying game. Witchcraft is available as a free download from this page. It uses Unisystem, making it an excellent introduction to the game system. The magic system can also be used with All Flesh Must Be Eaten.


HârnMaster Game Publishers

Columbia Games - The original publisher of Hârn products and still the source for most published source books and adventures. Home of HârnMaster 3.

Kelestia Productions - N. Robin Crossby's web site. Home of HârnMaster Gold, and the self-proclaimed home of all Hârn canon materials.

Hârn and HârnMaster Game Sites

Blades of Hârn - A site with quite a few interesting articles and house rules.

Bill Gant's HârnMaster House Rules - Bill Gant has many house rules on his site for use with HârnMaster 2, HârnMaster 3, and HârnMaster Gold. Home of his GunMaster rules for firearms in the HârnMaster system.

Hârn FAQ - The official FAQ (frequently asked questions) for Hârn. The FAQ is in the form of a wiki.

HârnForum - An online forum for discussions about Hârn, HârnMaster, and BattleLust. While you will not find a better source of Hârn information, there are a number of pretentious snobs in the forum who don't take kindly to criticism of the game universe or the game itself. - An excellent site with many downloads (articles, adventures, maps, utilities) for Hârn. Updated regularly. This is the best place for free Hârn stuff.

Nolomar Rising - David Baldwin's Hârn campaign site. His writeups are done as a series of books. Well worth perusing.

Pax Tharda - Rebecca Downey's fan site, with house rules, magic spells, and adventures.