Crazy 98s Group History

Our roleplaying group formed in the summer of 2003 to play Delta Green. Allan Goodall posted a message to the player listing service of stating that he was looking for Call of Cthulhu players in general, and Delta Green players in particular. Jason Gallagher replied to the listing and said that he and a friend — Jimmy Pope — were interested in playing. The group was formed in August, 2003. The group consists of Jason Gallagher, Alana Goodall, and Jimmy Pope, with Allan Goodall as the gamemaster.

Jason and Jimmy live in Texarkana, Arkansas, three hours away from Alana and Allan. The group plays Delta Green on Saturdays. The two guys started staying overnight in 2004 in order to play board games (Carcassonne, Cosmic Encounter, Modern Art, etc.) on the Sunday. In 2005 the group discussed trying additional roleplaying games. Since Allan lost his copy of Feng Shui in a flood due to a water heater leak (the copy has since been replaced), the group decided to play Hârn using the HârnMaster rules.

The group got the name Crazy 98s after a session of Delta Green where an inordinate number of 98s were rolled on percentage dice.

In the spring of 2005 Allan replaced his copy of Feng Shui. In the spring and summer of that year Allan and Alana visited Texarkana where they met Tom Neely and Mark Vaughan, roleplaying friends of Jason and Jimmy. Allan ran a World War II action movie style Delta Green game for them using the Feng Shui system. Tom and Mark thus became honorary members of the Crazy 98s.

In September, 2009, Dustin Gulledge joined the Crazy 98s to play Delta Green.

The Crazy 98s continue to meet about one weekend a month in West Monroe, Louisiana, U.S.A.