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Eureka Miniatures - Manufacturer and distributor of science fiction, fantasy, and historical miniatures. This is the home of Pig Tickler and Pax Limpopo, as well as the excellent Club 100 and Club 300 figures (if they get pre-orders for any type of figure — 100 orders for 25mm and 300 orders for 15mm figures — they will put them into production).

GZG Online Catalogue - This is now the official Ground Zero Games online catalogue. It started life as a list of GZG figures, but it is now a location for ordering figures online. GZG distributes Eureka's line of Pax Limpopo figures.

Other Links

Tickle and the Ivories - A neat site dealing with the World Elephant Polo Association. I got some of the ideas for Team Pig Tickler from this site.