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Ontario Links

City of Oshawa - City of Oshawa web page. Oshawa features in some of the pictures on this site, and is where the photographer grew up.

Ontario Ministry of Tourism - Official government site for Ontario's Ministry of Tourism. - An Ontario tourism web site. - A site with information about Toronto, as well as guides to visiting Toronto. - The official tourism web site for Toronto.

Photography Links

Canon - I'm a long time Nikon owner, but my first foray into digital photography was with a Canon PowerShot A40 camera. Canon makes some impressive "point and shoot" digital cameras with enough features to satisfy serious amateurs.

Eastman-Kodak - Film photography may be a dying art, but Kodak still produces the best photographic film.

Nikon - I'm a very satisfied Nikon customer! When the back door of my camera broke a couple of years ago, Nikon sent a replacement part out quickly, and for a reasonable price.