World War II Delta Green Roleplaying Group History

Call of Cthulhu is Chaosium's horror roleplaying game based on the literary works of H. P. Lovecraft from the 1920s and 1930s. Delta Green is Pagan Publishing's supplement for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. In essence it is "Call of Cthulhu meets The X-Files" but this does very little justice to the game.

Delta Green postulates that there are aliens and other things among us. World War II Delta Green follows the exploits of a branch of the Office of Strategic Services (the OSS) in their fight to save humanity from evil during the Second World War. The players fight the usual assortment of Cthulhoid baddies (Deep Ones, ghouls, Nyarlathotep), as well as occult wielding Nazis, and the equivalent organization in Japan.

This game started as an off shoot of our main roleplaying group. Jason Gallagher and Jimmy Pope have a regular gaming group in Texarkana, Arkansas. Allan and Alana Goodall, who live in Monroe, Louisiana, visited them and their regular group (consisting of Tom Neeley and Mark Vaughan) on the Memorial Day weekend of 2005. Before the visit, they came up with the idea of running a "one-shot" game using a different game system. Allan was a fan of the Feng Shui action movie roleplaying game. Jason suggested running something involving Delta Green. Merging action movie roleplaying with Delta Green just seemed to scream "Nazi zombies", and the scenario was born.

The Feng Shui game is a fast playing system meant to recreate action films. It is particularly well suited for Hong Kong action movies (like those of John Woo), but it can handle Hollywood style war movies just as well. Very few modifications were made to the system to accomodate the Delta Green background. Characters were based on existing archetypes (Feng Shui's version of the character template). Sanity was modelled with a Mind roll, though this will have to be expanded if the campaign continues. Otherwise, the game was played with the Feng Shui rule book and the Golden Comeback supplement.

The group will continue the campaign occasionally in Texarkana, Arkansas.