From: Graham [cell G] <>
To: All Delta Green Agents

The web site known as, or simply HyperBear, is part of the ongoing disinformation campaign to hide Delta Green "in plain sight". This follows the Hide In Plain Site (HIPS) protocol developed by A cell.

Using the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game cover story, agent mission reports, dossiers, and intel are disguised as "scenario write-ups". The rest of the HyperBear areas are completely bogus, and act only as camouflage. Treat them as such. In fact, the entire HyperBear site exists only to hide Delta Green information from unauthorized personnel while maintaining "plausible deniability".

Treat all areas under the title Delta Green as a relevent source of information. The "Delta Green scenario write-ups" are actual case histories from Delta Green operatives. They contain important intelligence and should be treated as accurate field reports. The only fictional additions to these reports are the "write-up" headers.

Graham can be contacted through regular Delta Green channels.