Shooting Modifiers

The following are additional modifiers for shooting, in addition to those in the Call of Cthulhu rulebook.

Some of these modifiers came from, or were inspired by, The Weapons Compendium, © 1993 by John H. Crowe, III, and published by Pagan Publishing.


Only apply the Precision Aim, Telescopic Sights rule in the Call of Cthulhu rulebook to rifles with telescopic sights.

Any character firing any weapon may spend additional time aiming. If a character fires his first shot in the second DEX cycle of a combat round, he gets to add 10% to his chance to hit. Any additional shots in the same combat round do not get this modifier. This modifier only applies to the first target if a character is firing a burst of bullets at multiple targets.


If a character braces himself against some object (wall, sofa, log, etc.) or uses a bipod, increase his chance to hit by 10%.

Firing Through Glass

If firing through regular glass, subtract 20% off the chance to hit. If firing through a car windshield, subtract 30% off the chance to hit, and treat the glass as 2 points of armour.

Moving Shooter

A character can move and fire at the same time. Characters can still fire during the various phases of the combat round, but they are considered to be moving throughout the combat round and the Moving Shooter modifier applies to all gunshots taken by the character that turn.

While the character is classed as moving throughout the combat round, the character doesn't physically begin to move until the second phase of the combat round. This means that all aimed shots at the character apply to where the character was standing at the beginning of the combat round. For instance, a character declares that he is ducking behind a wall. All aimed shots at that character occur as if he had not yet ducked behind the wall. If the character later declares that he is jumping up from behind the wall, he can not fire a first, aimed shot because he would still be considered behind the wall for the first part of the combat round.

Characters can move up to 1/4 their movement in a game turn without adversely affecting their chance to hit (this represents the shuffling walk while aiming a weapon practiced by Special Forces teams).

A character can pop up from behind concealing cover and then fire. All shots that round have a -20% modifier applied to them.

If the character moves more than a quarter but up to 1/2 their movement rate, the character's chance to hit is 50% of normal.

If the character moves more than half their rate, any fire is considered to be Blind Fire (see the Call of Cthulhu rulebook.

Apply all positive and negative modifiers to a character's skill before applying any percentage modifiers. This includes percentage modifiers for Easy or Hard tasks, as outlined in Keeper's Companion 1.

Moving Target

If using the Keeper's Companion 1, allow a moving target to roll their Dodge skill. If successful, treat the shot against the target as "difficult". If the Dodge roll is failed, don't modify the the firearm roll (or, optionally, subtract 10% from the weapon skill).

Precision Shooting

If players insist on precision shooting at specific parts of a target's body, such as aiming for the head, or trying to fire at an arm, I suggest using Biohazard Games' Killer Crosshairs product.

If you can't, or don't want to, use Killer Crosshairs, then use this rule instead. Allow the character to fire at a specific aim point. Half the chance to hit after all positive modifiers have been applied, but before any negative modifiers have been applied.


Shotguns are fired using the Rifle skill. A shotgun firing shot a 5% bonus to hit. A sawn-off shotgun firing shot has a 10% bonus to hit. The shotgun bonus is not applied when the weapon fires solid slugs.