Action Order of Declaration

This rule provides a method for determining the order players declare their actions.

At the beginning of the turn, players declare what their characters will do that turn in reverse order of their Dexterity stat.

Example: Agent Michael has a DEX of 16, Murphy has a DEX of 13 and Maya has a DEX of 11. Maya's player declares Maya's action first, then Morgan's player, and finally Michael's player. The actions are typically resolved in DEX order.


Design Notes

I invented this rule many years ago. However, it appears that several different groups invented the same rule at about the same time, so it seems to be a pretty obvious modification. For instance, this rule is used in the Godlike roleplaying game, which was written by two of the writers of Delta Green.

The rule allows players with higher Dexterity to react to players with lower Dexterity and not the other way around. The player who declares his actions last has an advantage. This gives that advantage to the character with the higher Dexterity (which is also likely to be the character that acts first).