A selection of cityscape pictures. The term "cityscape" includes photographs of urban areas. So far my pictures range from large (Toronto, ON, Canada at almost 3 million people) to small (Monroe, LA, USA at 50,000 people). These photographs were taken in various locations from 1993 to present. More pictures will be added in coming months.

Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the pictures. There are about 20 photographs on this site, so a thumbnail may take you to a page with multiple pictures.

Boston, MA, USA

Boston reflected church

Reflected Church - Trinity church in Boston as seen as a reflection in the Hancock building office tower.

Monroe, LA, USA

Monroe derelict building 1

Derelict Building 1 - A derelict building in Monroe's downtown section.

Monroe derelict building 2

Derelict Building 2 - Another derelict building in Monroe's downtown section.

Pineapple pole

Pineapple Pole - A lamp post with a pineapple design on top.


Waterfront - Monroe's waterfront area, on the banks of the Ouachita River.

Montréal, PQ, Canada

The Illuminated Crowd

The Illuminated Crowd - "La Foule Illuminee" ("The Illuminated Crowd") by Raymond Mason.

Place de la Cathédrale

Place de la Cathédrale - A mall in an office building that leads through to St. George's Anglican Church.

Reflected building

Reflected Building - A Montreal office tower reflected in another.

Toronto, ON, Canada

BCE Place

BCE Place - BCE Place, in downtown Toronto.

Front St.

Front Street - Front Street, looking west, featuring Toronto's flatiron building.

Royal York Hotel

Royal York Hotel - The Royal York hotel as seen from Union Station.


Skyscrapers - The Royal Bank building and BCE Place, in downtown Toronto.

Toronto Island Ferries

Toronto Island Ferries - Two of the four ferries that shuttle between downtown Toronto and Toronto Island.

Union Station

Union Station - Toronto's railroad station and southern most subway station.