Oct 13, 2009:
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About the Cityscape Photographs

I've always loved cities. Unfortunately, when you are on vacation it's hard to take the time to photograph the city you are visiting. I hate to spend the entire vacation just taking photographs of interesting buildings. If a photograph doesn't turn out properly, you rarely have an opportunity to take a second shot (at least not if you are using traditional film cameras and waiting until you get home to have the film developed). This is the reason that I have so few pictures of cities I have visited.

Of course, being human I tend to take for granted the city I live in. There have been lots of occasions when I've said, "I should go out and do some shooting around town," only to have something else pop up to distract me. I plan to do better in the future. Expect more shots of Monroe, LA (where I now live), and other Louisiana cities (particularly New Orleans). I also have more pictures of Toronto sitting in the storage locker. One day I will dig those out and post some of the better ones. The pictures of Toronto that are here are the ones I took in my last summer living there.

The only other cityscape pictures I want to post are those from Scotland. Unfortunately I captured those with my old camera on slide film. I don't have a slide scanner or an adapter for my present scanner, and slides are notorious for not coming out right when you have them printed on regular photographic paper. When I get something resembling a half-decent slide scanner, I will post the best of my Scottish landscape and cityscape pictures.

All of the pictures were taken with my 35mm Nikon F-601 SLR camera on some type of Kodak film (usually Gold 200, though later pictures used Portra professional film), or with our new Canon Powershot A40 2 Megapixel digital camera.

All photographs on this page are copyright © 2003 - 2005 by Allan Goodall.