Shiloh National Military Park

Morton's Battery

Morton's Battery, looking northwest (34K)

Image 1: Morton's Battery monument, looking northwest. The monument is found at the southwest corner of the intersection of the Corinth and Hamburg-Purdy Roads.

The battery on April 6, 1862 was commanded by Captain Frederick Behr and is also known as Behr's Battery. The battery belonged to the 6th Indiana artillery regiment. The battery is a short distance to the west from the Raith Monument.

Morton's Battery, looking southwest (38K)

Image 2: Morton's Battery monument, looking southwest. The troops of Brigadier General William T. Sherman's division bore the brunt of the Confederate assault on the far right of the Union line on April 6, 1862. During the chaos, Behr's battery was moved forward from Sherman's artillery reserve. The battery moved into position near the location of this monument. As the crews were unlimbering the guns, Capt. Behr was wounded. This threw the men into a panic and they fled, abandoning the battery's five guns. The guns were later captured by the Confederates.

Soon after, Sherman's second horse was shot out from under him in this area.

This photograph was taken in May, 2002 with a Nikon F-601 autofocus SLR, using a Nikkor 24mm - 50mm f2.8 wide angle zoom lens. The images were captured on Kodak Gold 200 film.