Gettysburg National Military Park

Gettysburg Town

Lutheran Seminary Skyline

Image 1: Lutheran Seminary skyline. This is a view of the Lutheran Seminary buildings as seen from the Gettysburg Hotel (right downtown). The tall building is the Church of Abiding Presence. Just to the left you can make out the cupola of Schmucker Hall, the building most people think of when they read about the seminary.

Farnsworth House

Image 2: Farnsworth House. The main building in this picture is Farnsworth House. It existed at the time of the battle, as did the house to the right of it. This section of Baltimore Street was fortified by the Confederates firing at the Union troops on Cemetery Hill.

Close Up of Farnsworth House

Image 3: Close-up of Farnsworth House. You can just make out the damage to the brick on the left side of the building. This damage is from musket balls and artillery shrapnel at the time of the battle. The damage has never been fully repaired. The window at the top of this side was used by Confederate sharpshooters, which in turn made it a target for Union sharpshooters.

Gettysburg Railway Station

Image 4: Gettysburg Railway Station. The old train station building looks much as it did at the time of the battle. It was here that President Abraham Lincoln arrived at the town to give his famous Gettysburg Address in November, 1863.

These photographs were taken with a Nikon F-601 autofocus SLR, using a Nikkor 24mm - 50mm f2.8 wide angle zoom lens or with a Sigma 150mm - 300mm telephoto zoom lens. The images were captured on Kodak Royal Gold and Gold 200 film.