Gettysburg National Military Park

Oak Ridge

View from Oak Ridge

Image 1: View from Oak Ridge, looking southeast. This shot was taken from the observation platform on the southeast portion of Oak Ridge, near the Chambersburg Pike. In the centre, background, is the town of Gettysburg. Visible on the skyline is the observation tower that was demolished in 2000.

This section of the battlefield is where Brig. Gen. John C. Robinson, commander of the 2nd Division, Union I Corps, set up his defences. Near here, Brig. Gen. Gabriel R. Paul was shot in the right temple and through the left eye (he survived, but was permanently blinded). Paul's brigade along with those of Baxter and Cutler defended this portion of Oak Ridge from the late afternoon attack of Rodes' division. Baxter and Cutler defended the woods on the right hand side of the picture.

The monument on the right of the picture is that of Union Brig. Gen. John Robinson. Following the road to the left is the monument of the 104th New York regiment, the monument for Union Brig. Gen. James Wadsworth (barely visible near the centre of the picture; it's on the right hand side of the road as you drive from right to left), and the monument to the 13th Massachusetts.

12th Massachusetts Volunteers

Image 2: 12th Massachusetts Volunteers monument. The monument to the 12th Massachusetts Volunteer regiment is found behind image 1, facing southeast. Note that the woods did not exist at the time of the battle and that the regiment was facing northeast.

88th Pennsylvania Monument

Image 3: 88th Pennsylvania monument. The monument to the 88th Pennsylvania regiment is found off to the right hand side of image number 1. It is located to the left of the 12th Massachusetts monument. This monument has the eagle facing northeast, in the direction the Confederates attacked. Note that the woods did not exist at the time of the battle.

These photographs were taken with a Nikon F-601 autofocus SLR, using a Nikkor 24mm - 50mm f2.8 wide angle zoom lens or with a Sigma 150mm - 300mm telephoto zoom lens. The images were captured on Kodak Royal Gold film.