Chancellorsville (Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park)

Catharine Furnace

Catharine Furnace ruin (48K)

Image 1: Catharine Furnace ruins. It was in this area on 2 May 1863 that Jackson turned his forces south, away from the Army of the Potomac, giving Hooker the impression that Lee was retreating. Near here is where the 23rd Georgia regiment was captured by Federal troops. This is also the vicinity where Stuart's men linked up with Lee's on 3 May during the assault on the Union line.

Catharine Furnace ruin with diagram (42K)

Image 2: Catharine Furnace ruin with diagram. Catharine Furnace (not "Catharine's Furnace", as I've seen it listed) was an ironworks. It was destroyed by Union troops under George Custer later in the war. All that's left is the ruin of the furnace stack. In this picture, my friend and author Michael Skeet inspects a diagram of the furnace as it originally looked. This picture gives a better sense of scale than the previous picture.

Catharine Furnace diagram (32K)

Image 3: Catharine Furnace diagram. In this close-up from the picture above, the diagram of the furnace is clearly visible. The original furnace sat at the bottom of a ravine, much of which has been filled in. The diagram gives a much better indication of what the area looked like at the time of the battle. The ruin is probably what is left over of the small chimney at the bottom left corner of the diagram.

These photographs were taken with a Nikon F-601 autofocus SLR, using a Nikkor 24mm - 50mm f2.8 wide angle zoom lens. The image was captured on Kodak Gold 200 film.