Antietam National Battlefield

West Woods

West Woods, looking northeast (36K)

Image 1: West Woods, looking northeast. This is a shot of the West Woods, looking towards the north east. The woods are not as thick as they were during the battle. It was through this area that much of the morning's vicious fighting took place. The cannons mark the location of Artillery Battalion of A. P. Hill's Division. The Philadelphia Brigade monument is out of view, but would be in the background in the centre of the picture.

West Woods, looking southwest (41K)

Image 2: West Woods, looking southwest. This view is of the same cannons in the picture above, but looking south west. From this shot you get a small idea of how thick the woods would have been at the time of the battle.

Philadelphia Brigade Monument (18K)

Image 3: Philadelphia Brigade monument. The obelisk like monument in the picture is the huge Philadelphia Brigade monument, commemorating the 69th, 71st, 72nd and 106th Pennsylvania Infantry regiments. It is sited near where Sedgwick's division of Sumner's II Corps was mauled.

The next two images are repeated on the Dunker Church page.

125th Pennsylvania and 34th New York Monuments (22K)

Image 4: 125th PA and 34th NY monuments.A modern day road runs behind the Dunker Church and runs along the southern section of what was the West Woods. This marks the point of greatest penetration through the woods by Union troops. Hood's Division threw the Union troops back, and Confederate units stabilized a line through this point and up through the centre of the West Woods by the end of the day.

The foreground monument is 125th Pennsylvania regimental monument (and matches the style of most of the PA regimental monuments, with a Union soldier carrying the colours; see the monument on the Bloody Lane page). The other monument is to the 34th New York regiment.

Purnell Legion and 34th New York Monuments (29K)

Image 5: Purnell Legion and 34th NY monuments. In the foreground is the Purnell Legion (MD) marker, with the 34th New York monument in the background. These monuments, and the 125th PA monument in the picture above, face south. Although currently standing in the clear, the North Woods extended through this area and down further south at the time of the battle.

These photographs were taken with a Nikon F-601 autofocus SLR, using a Nikkor 24mm - 50mm f2.8 wide angle zoom lens. The image was captured on Kodak Royal Gold 100 film.