Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Harpers Ferry was the location of one of the federal government's armories. In 1858, it was the site of a raid by the abolitionist John Brown, who hoped to seize arms there and use them to ignite a slave revolt. Confederates captured the armory at the start of the war. Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia attacked Union fortifications there twice during his invasions of the north, in September 1862 and in June 1863. All told, the town of Harpers Ferry changed hands eight times during the American Civil War.

A note about the town's name. The town is listed here as "Harpers Ferry", which is its official name in modern times. Civil War era references list it as "Harper's Ferry". At some point in the last 140+ years, the town's name lost the apostrophe. You may see it written both ways on this site.

Click on the picture on the map, or on the link below the map, to see photographs from that portion of the battlefield.

Harpers Ferry Map

Bolivar Heights · John Brown's Fort · Lower Town · Railroad Bridge · Shenandoah River · Virginius Island Ruins

Click on a picture to see photographs from that portion of Harpers Ferry