Antietam National Battlefield

The battle of Antietam, on September 17, 1862 at Sharpsburg, MD, resulted from the Army of the Potomac finding a copy of Robert E. Lee's orders during Lee's intended invasion of the north. In spite of catching Lee unprepared and divided, the Union army only managed a draw. Even so, this battle was the pivotal point in the war, ending the South's best chance of independence.

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Click on the picture on the map, or on the link below the map, to see photographs from that portion of the battlefield.

Antietam Map

Burnside Bridge · The Cornfield · Dunker Church · Maryland Monument · National Cemetery · North Woods · Piper House · The Sunken Road · Visitor Center · West Woods

North Woods West Woods Dunker Church Maryland Monument Visitor Center The Cornfield Sunken Road Piper House National Cemetery Burnside Bridge Click on a picture to see photographs from that portion of the battlefield