Oct 13, 2009:
Redesigned the web site.


Originally this site was intended to showcase my photographs. When going through some of the pictures I realized that people interested in these battles might care to know what the fields look like today, as an aid towards understanding how they looked at the time of the Civil War. As I started to develop this idea, I realized that the pictures required a description or a commentary to accompany them. That's when I started to include battlefield histories with my pictures. These commentaries are less than a whole book but more than what you get in the battlefield brochures.

To see a map of the battlefields, and to see the photographs, click on the Photographs link on the left. To read the essays, click on the Essays link.

Below is the "production status" of each battlefield that will be included (eventually) on this site. The section with the battlefields "awaiting posting" is in the approximate order that the battlefields will be posted to this site.

Battlefields Currently Posted

Next Battlefield (Currently Being Prepared)

Battlefields Photographed and Awaiting Posting

Battlefields On My "Wish List"

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